Ingene wokwishirira interineti muri telephone yawe
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Mu gihe igihugu cacu gikomeza gutera intambwe mw’iterambere, ninako abantu benshi barushirizaho kwitabira gukoresha ibikoresho vy’ubuhinga bwa none, n’itumatumanako nk’inyabwonko,telefone ngendanwa n’ibindi.

Mu vyo bakunze gukoresha cane gusumba ibindi harimwo interineti, tukaba tugiye kurabira hamwe uko woshira interineti muri telephone yawe ku buntu.

Nk’uko tubikesha urubuga, gushira interineti muri telephone bisaba kuba utunze telephone irimwo ubuhinga bwa web, internet canke connectivity, maze ukagenda wuzuza ibisabwa bivanye n’ubwoko bwa telephone, ndetse n’ikigo c’itumatumanako ukoresha. Dufate akarorero ku bantu bakoresha umuhora wa ECONET.

• Uko wobigenza kuri telephone nyinshi za Nokia

Injira muri Menu, Settings, uje muri Configuration, Personal Configuration Settings, Options, Add New, Acces Point,
Ugiye ahanditse Account Name wandikemwo izina y’ikigo cy’itumanako ukoresha, akarorero (ECONET), hama OK ;

Uce uja ahanditse Acces Point Settings, Bear Settings
Hanyuma uje ahanditse Packet Data Access Point wandikemwo :
- – (abakoresha ECONET)
-  ucwap (abakoresha LEO)
-  internet (abakoresha TEMPO)
Ja ahanditse Network Type uhitemwo IPv4, uce wemeza ufyonde OK ;
Ja ahanditse Authentification Type uhitemwo Normal, emeza,ufyonda OK ;
Kurikizako kuri User Name :uharekere uko no kuri password uharekere uko,
Subira inyuma ufyonde Back incuro zitatu.

Rondera izina washizemwo uheze ufyonde Options, uhitemwo Activate.

• Uko woyishiramwo muri telefone bita izinshinwa( Chinese phone)

Injira muri Menu, Settings, Connectivity, Data Account. Fyonda Options, Add.
fyonda ahanditse Account Name, wandikemwo izina ry’ikigo cy’itumatumanako, akarorero “ ECONET GPRS”.
Injira ahanditse APN uhandike :
-  ucwap (abakoresha LEO) ;
- (abakoresha ECONET)
-  internet (abakoresha TEMPO)

Raba ahari ijambo username wandikemwo (web) canke uhareke ata canditsemwo.
Kurikiza ahanditse password wandikemwo (web) canke uhareke atacanditse ho.
injira ahanditse auth. type uhitemwo (normal).

Injira ahanditse Primary DNS wandikemwo ndetse na Secondary DNS ushiremwo Maze ufyonde kuri Done.

Subira inyuma uje kuri Menu, uje muri Services, internet services.

injira muri Settings, hanyuma kuri Profiles, uhitemwo SIM y’umuhora uzagukoresha kuri internet.

Uhejeje kwinjira fyonda kuri Add. Muri Profile Name andikamwo Mywap, wemeze na OK ;
Kuri Homepage andikamwo :
Injira ahanditse data account, GPRS, uce urondera ahanditse Econet GPRS (cg irindi zina washizemwo)
Connection Type : hitamwo HTTP ;
Username : uyihoze
Password : uyihoze.
Ca ufyonda Done, hanyuma wemeze ufyonde YES.

Uko woshira umurongo wa internet muri Blackberry

Menu, Options, advanced options, tcp/ip, emeza ahanditse APN Settings Enabled
Andikamwo :
-  ucwap (LEO)
-  internet (TEMPO)

Mu gihe urangije ibivyavuzwe haruguru telephone yawe iba ifise ubushobozi bwo kwakira interinet mu gihe ufise amafaranga yo guhamagara, mu nyuma mushobora gutangura kuyikoresha.

twobabwira ko habaho telephone zigira interineti zisangije haba mu kwishurwa canke mu gushirwa muri telefone bikaba biterwa n’ikigo c’itumatumanako uko cabishatse. Akarorero abanywanyi ba TEMPO bategerezwa kuja ku biro vyayo bibegereye bakandikisha SIM yabo kugira batangure gukoresha internet.

Abakoresha telephone zo mu bwoko bwa Blackberry, kugeza uyu munsi ntakigo kirafatanya na Motion Limited ikora telephone zo mu bwoko bwa Blackberry kugira bashobore gukoresha internet yitwa BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) hano mu Burundi.

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And their lives, like the lives of most people in Avent

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sinatahuye neza. none umenya ubwoko bwa terefone gute ?

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Pirre claver bukebuke

turashama uburyo bwa intenet kuko tunya amakuru meshi

25.10.2014 à 17:05
onesphore niyokwizigira

jew ndi i mwaro none ko fone yanje internet yayo yuguruy muga nshitse kuri facebook ahantu handitse s’inscrire sur facebook bakanyereka nandike adresse electronique ou telephone ;hepfo bambwira nandike password kubera ntabimenyere ivya ordinateur kandi nabonye vyishi bisa nibiri muri ordinateur mwompa aide y’ingene nobimenya murakoze ndi mwaro mu bisoro.

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None ari terefone nka samsung S2 naho gushiramwo internet mbigenza gute ???

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Vyamana Mossini

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Murakoze cyane kandi isomo ryumvikanye.Jye ndi mu Rwanda ariko nkunda gusoma amakuru yose areba u Burundi kuko nkunda cyane abarundi kandi nizeyo.None se nkoresheje iyi nzira nanjye byakunda ndi mu RWANDA ?Sinshidikanya ko ubumenyi mutanga ni sans frontiere. Mugire amahoroo !!

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Murakoze cyane kandi isomo ryumvikanye.Jye ndi mu Rwanda ariko nkunda gusoma amakuru yose areba u Burundi kuko nkunda cyane abarundi kandi nizeyo.None se nkoresheje iyi nzira nanjye byakunda ndi mu RWANDA ?Sinshidikanya ko ubumenyi mutanga ni sans frontiere. Mugire amahoroo !!

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